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Eddie Diemand

Custom Building and Carpentry

Eddie J. Diemand is a licensed, unrestricted Construction Supervisor as well as a licensed Home Improvement Contractor.

He has 20+ years of experience in residential and commercial building, restoration and remodeling of Contemporary and Historic Homes, and Custom Carpentry.

Eddie’s passion lies in creating beautiful Timber Frame homes, using traditional building styles as well as unique artistry. From start to finish, each project reflects his remarkable craftsmanship and his love for the art of building.

For a closer look, please check out: New Construction, Plaster, Remodels and Renovations , Slate Roofing, Specialty Projects and Carvings, Timber Framing.

“Every great building once begun as a building plan. That means, sitting in that building plan on the table is a mighty structure not yet seen. It is the same with dreams.”

(Israelmore Ayivor)

“Eddie J. Diemand has been my carpenter – builder for 10 years. He is exceptionally skilled, works as hard and fast as two people, has a vast range of abilities, and can tackle any building request I’ve thrown at him no matter how eccentric. With innovation and research beyond his time at the building site, I always know he’ll figure out any problem. He is very easy to communicate with, really cares about every project, is completely dependable, and is honest and an exceptional human being. I could go on and on. I consider myself blessed to have Eddie Diemand in my life and if you have him as your contractor you are lucky indeed"

Lynne Armitstead (Wendell, MA)

Our Services


Plaster is one of the most ancient building techniques, dating back to the pyramids in Egypt as well as Greek architecture thousands of years ago. To this day, plaster is the highest quality material to use for interior finish of walls and ceilings.

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Slate Roofing

Slate is a fine grain, homogeneous rock that derives from shale sediment composing of clay or volcanic ash. Its malleable break-ability yet tough qualities allow it to be broken into thin but durable sheets.

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Timber Framing

The traditional Timber Frame of New England is a “new” creation of its ancestor, the Timber Frame of Old England.

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New Construction

Design – Blueprint

Eddie will meet with you to find the best design to fit your needs / your property. During this process he will focus on aesthetics and functionality.

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Additions and Decks

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Remodels and Renos

Eddie is always happy to incorporate artistic touches, if so desired, in the form of wood carvings, stucco/plaster sculpting etc. to give each project its original character.

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Specialty Jobs

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About Eddie Diemand

Eddie Diemand has 20+ years of experience in residential and commercial building, restoration and remodeling of Contemporary and Historic Homes, and Custom Carpentry.

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“Eddie J. Diemand was a subcontractor, involved with the building of my home 5 years ago. From the first day on the job Eddie showed a professionalism and commitment to excellence that is a hallmark of his work. Eddie is a fine carpenter who pays exacting attention to detail, as well as a fine, congenial, honest, reliable and very hard working man. From timber framing, to plastering, tiling, roofing and beyond, Eddie is a skilled and efficient craftsman. To this day, I am grateful to Eddie for the contribution he has made in building my dream home. It is rare to find all the qualities that Eddie possesses in one man. I value my relationship with Eddie Diemand a great deal.”

Gay Roberts (Wendell, MA)